Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Are we strong enough to see past our own eyes

We as humans look down on each other. We are disgusted by the sight of each other. We see people in public and automatically draw judgement of them. We see how they look or act or dress and we are repulsed. We pass a person on the street with contempt in our hearts. Even if at times we do it as a joke or to be funny the intent is the same. We do it so often that it feels natural but nothing could be more unnatural. We've all done it, I know I'm guilty. Why do we have this disease in our hearts? Because we think we are better than others or more successful? Or is it because we lack the dedication to learn what God wants for us. And if we have the knowledge but don't put it to use, where does that leave us? I challenge you to experiment with yourself. First, say a prayer and ask God to give you a humble heart and the wisdom to love. Then, the next time you are in public and see someone you would normally scoff at or not even pay any mind to at all for what ever reason, look on that person with love. When those first negative impressions of them start to enter your mind, stop them dead in their tracks and look at that person as a creation of God. Ask yourself what this person's life might be like and what they may or may not have been through or suffered. Instead of looking down on them look at them as a fellow human being that is no better or no worse than you. Maybe if you accidentally make eye contact give them a smile or even a common greeting. No matter what response you get back, you will feel good about it. Afterwards reflect on it and acknowledge your feelings. If you feel good about it stop and thank The Lord for this experience it may just change your whole outlook not only on other people but on life as a whole.

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